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Read 1 Samuel 27 - https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20Samuel%2027&version=ESV

When things get hard, do you give up? Very often it can be tempting to throw in the towel when things don't go our way, when circumstances arise that make fulfilling our responsibilities very hard. David didn't. He was tired of running for his life so he went to live in Phillistia but all the while he continued to fulfill His call to protect God's people. That doesn't mean it was ok for him to lie (or to have two wives for that matter). David is an excellent example of the fact that Christians are both sinner and saint simultaneously. Often our good actions are mixed in with bad ones. But as difficult as things were, David continued to fight Israel's enemies, to protect them and to provide for them. David was doing what Saul should have been doing. David was the real king. 

He serves as a reminder for us. We have all been given various callings in life. Fathers, mothers, students, teachers, pastors, workers, bosses etc. In all of them, we are called to be faithful. We are called to work well and honestly, we are called to share God's Word. And we are called to do so even when things get difficult for one reason or another. Don't give up! David didn't. Neither did David's great Son Jesus. Because Jesus didn't give up His mission when things got difficult, because He went straight to the cross for you and me, we have forgiveness for our failings and strength for our undertakings today and every day, no matter how hard they might be. Amen. 

Prayer - Lord, fill me with Your Spirit of Grace. Assure me that I am forgiven. Remove from me all laziness, self-indulgence and doubt. Let me trust Your will and serve You joyfully in whatever task You have given. In Jesus' name, Amen. 
-Pastor David Ude (Living Hope, Appleton, WI), used with permission

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