Sunday bulletin

Acts 4:19a-20 But Peter and John said ... "For we cannot stop speaking what we have seen and heard."


"Social media makes me sick!" That was the thought one friend shared about everyone speaking out against anything and everything online. But it shouldn't surprise us. Those who are convicted about their own opinions, whether it be about a mother's rights, gay rights, black rights, etc. want to convince everyone else that their opinion is right! So they speak OUT about it!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Christians (all of us, including you and me) would behave more like Peter and John? Yes, they spoke out. But more importantly they reached out. They could not help sharing what they were convicted about in their hearts. Certainly everyone has the right to speak out. But the difference is that Peter and John were not speaking out their own opinions, but rather what they had seen and heard from God's Son, Jesus Christ! They spoke the Word of God.

In fact, that's how God teaches us we should look at OUT-reach. Our ministry and mission is not to make someone hear us or to force them to believe. OUT-reach is just as it sounds, reaching out to souls needing to hear the Word of our Savior. That involves speaking not just about the stain of our sins or others, but the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus to save us from our sins through His redemptive work on the cross -- a sacrifice that moves repentance for sin in our hearts because of His selfless love for us. Jesus used this OUT-reach effort with Zacchaeus when He said, "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost" (Luke 19:10).

When we share outreach ideas in our churches, our eyes are opened to the endless opportunities to live OUT-reach. Whether we use social media, banners, billboards, or face to face conversation, think of your Savior's example.

Don't simply SPEAK OUT against what you know is contrary to God's Word, REACH OUT to every soul who needs to know the meaning of sin and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord!