Sunday bulletin

John 17:1 "And this is ETERNAL LIFE, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”


Duke wrote the book on aneurysm removal, a manual doctors around the globe still consult nearly 20 years after its publication. The techniques he developed are regularly discussed at international neurosurgery conferences. His is known simply as The Southwestern Method. He is the chair of the neurosurgery department at UT Southwestern Medical Center and performs most of his operations at the associated hospitals. Medical students come from all over the world to study under him. Highly accomplished doctors call him “the most calm, collected genius ever to step into an operating room” and “some sort of god, walking around among mere mortals.”


Funny, isn’t it?  You’ve probably never heard of Dr. Duke Samson, one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons from Texas, that is, unless you needed an inoperable brain surgery.  Many people throughout the world today will admit that they know who Jesus is from the Bible.  But what do they mean by that?  I now know who Duke Samson is, but I don’t certainly don’t know him personally. In fact, given his occupation, it’s probably best I don’t know him! 

In Jesus’ high priestly prayer He reveals the difference in knowing His name, and knowing Him as the one and only true Son of God, our Lord and Savior.  The difference in these two knowledges are eternal!  That’s why God recorded His manual on the history of the world, about the cancer we’ve inherited from our 1st parents in the Garden of Eden, and how Jesus single-handedly saved our life for eternity.  Jesus Christ, the Greatest Physician (Luke 4:23) of all has personally taken on our flesh, come to our world, suffered on the cross to pay for our entire debt of sins, destroyed the power of our enemy, and delivers us from death to life and immortality through this good news (2 Timothy 1:10)!  He did this all because of His love, for you!

Duke Samson doesn’t know who you are, and before today you probably didn’t know who he is.  But knowing Duke, and needing Duke’s surgical skills are two very different things.  Thank you Lord Jesus, that you have revealed to us through Your Holy Word that we may know who You are personally and what You have done for us so lovingly and sacrificially!  We pray that You would lead us to seek You out daily to cut out the sin from our lives and provide healing for our souls that will last for eternity!  Amen!

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