This is What You Will Find Among Us: 

The Bible preached as what it is 

-- the living Word of the living God; not the preaching of social, political, theological or ethical opinions of men.

Man acknowledged as he is

--born in sin, prone to error and doomed to hell unless rescued by God Himself; not man morally capable of redeeming himself.

Jesus Christ

-- worshiped as the Son of God made flesh to redeem lost and condemned mankind; not a Christ molded to accommodate the modern mind.


--confessed as He has revealed Himself : Father, Son and Holy Ghost--three divine Persons, one divine Essence; not some god fashioned either by the hand or mind of man.


--proclaimed by grace through faith in the redemption that is in Christ Jesus; not by the works or efforts or striving of man.

The Gospel

--preached and the Sacraments administered as the means of grace whereby the Holy Spirit creates and preserves faith; not self induced religious experience or any so-called faith apart from that which is created by the Spirit through the Gospel.

The Church

--accepted in faith as the congregation of believers --the creation of the Spirit of God; not a human organization subject to the manipulations of men.

The business of the church considered to be the preaching of forgiveness for the the regeneration of individuals unto eternal life; not the redemption of the world to conform to some social pattern of men.

Ecumenism as Spirit-created unity in the Gospel; not as "agreement to disagree' for the sake of political power, organization or the demands of expediency.

Christian liberty in all that is neither commanded nor forbidden by our Lord in His Word.

All the Bible teaches-- nothing more, nothing less.

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