Complete Policy in PDF: Church and School Child Protection Policy

Children are our sacred trust from a loving God. (See Psalm 127:3, Genesis 33:5).
Luther Memorial Church and School:
1.  Seeks to provide a nurturing and dynamic Christian environment that will help our children grow spiritually and physically. We seek to ensure the safety of all children participating in the programs and activities of the church by establishing the following policies and procedures with regard to the conduct of adults and children. This policy directs that supervision of activities involving children and adults so as to minimize the risk of abuse or of false allegations of abuse.
2.  Seeks to protect the children who participate in the activities sponsored by Luther Memorial from abuse and to protect Luther Memorial called workers, staff and volunteers from false allegations of abuse. Luther Memorial can, through adherence to this policy, make every effort to ensure that persons placed in positions of responsibility and trust with respect to the children of the church, are persons deserving of that trust and responsibility. This policy shall be available in the church entry to all visitors, members, and staff of the church. All members shall be made aware of this policy.

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