Listen to MP3 (Recorded during Luther Memorial School Devotion)

Yesterday my heart was broken, Couldn’t believe what I said
Another chance to tell my friend, but I just turned around and left
Now what if the table was shifted, And I needed Comfort from you
Would you be like me and walk away?  Lord, make me more brave for You
For tomorrow brings a brand new day, Next time around Lord, give me what to say
Just give me one more chance to make things right, And I will
Talk about how much I need You in my life, Lord
Please forgive me for what I didn’t do
Cause I had the chance yesterday to say… that I love You.
Now my heart is excited, Thinking of all my friends will know
If I’d just opened up and let them in on, The Way, the Truth, the Life I know
Written by Neal Radichel (copyright 9.15.2005)

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