Listen to MP3 (Recorded for 2012 CLC Teachers Conference Presentation)
In this world, I stand on trial,
Before the “wisdom” of this age
Right or wrong, no more the question,
Entertainment and amusement has center stage
In the corner, on my own,
Breathing deeply and patiently
In this hour, let truth be known,
For it is by Grace, Scripture, and Faith alone.
Unless I am persuaded by the Word of God,
Unless I am shown what I have said is wrong
Here, I stand.
I can do no other,
I will stand upon His Word.  God help me.
Here, I stand.
Though enemies surround me,
I’ll stand on His Word… alone.
In this life, I stand acquitted,
Before the throne of God, not of man
Promised love, is Christ’s answer,
Therefore I will listen to His command
Written by Neal Radichel (copyright 9.13.2009)

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