Listen to MP3 (Recorded live at Luther Memorial School Devotion)

Empty… is the logic, For I’ve brought nothing into this world
But with food and clothing, With these, I shall be content…
Yet the proud man, “knows it all” But knows nothing, of sound truth
His obsession with dispute, Seeks a gain and his error is proof…
But you, O man of God, flee these things…
And pursue righteousness and godliness,
And pursue faith and love
And pursue patience and gentleness    …from Above.    
Those who desire to be rich, Find temptation and a snare
They fall headlong into all kinds of lust, find themselves drowning in despair…
For the love of money, Is a root of all kinds of evil,
And some faithful have strayed from faith, And found themselves, pierced with sorrows…
Fight the good fight of faith... from Above.
Written by Neal Radichel (copyright 5.31.2010)
Based off 1 Timothy 6




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