Listen to MP3 (Recorded on Pilgrim 2007)
It seems like a long, long time ago
When I was just a little baby
No thoughts of others but my own
Feed me, hold me, and change me
But a bit of water and His words
Made a different person out of me
From then on I desired to learn
The steps of Him who saved me
Yet quite a bit immature
I’ve done many things all wrong
And as a teenager I wondered
Will I ever make it home?
Oh Lord I cannot, I cannot make it on my own
In this dark, cold world of sin                                 
With every breath and struggle in my life             
I need Your help to fight and win... Lord help me win                          
Now it’s a peculiar struggle
Between powers yet unseen
Still it still feels just like a battle
Where only my side feels weak
For all these years I have hoped for
An end to all the suffering
Hope seems too much at times to reach for
When there’s seems no hope for me
But I can’t give up quite yet
For wars aren’t fought on one’s own
And how much would I that day regret
To stand before my Maker unknown
Written by Neal Radichel (copyright 4.19.2006)
Words based on Romans 7:18-25 and Titus 3:3-7
Violin - Aaron Gullerud
Child - Titus Radichel

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