Listen to MP3 (Recorded live at Messiah Church in Eau Claire fall 2006)
My son, yeah my son
I loved you before you were born
And throughout you’re life you’ll see it even more
My son, yeah my son
There’s so much that I want to teach you
Of life and death and the one thing really needed
My son, yeah my son
Will you listen to your Father today?
Yeah teach me my father
Show me your ways
For a father shows his love by everything he says...
So teach me my Father
Show me Your ways
And help me to follow You all my days
In a world of sin, I can not make it on my own
So I’ll live my life, with all you’ve taught me to know
Written by Neal Radichel (copyright 1.1.2006)
Words based on Psalm 25:4-5
Vocals - Aaron Gullerud
Bass Guitar - Sam Lux
Djembe - TJ List
Child - Titus Radichel

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