Listen to MP3 (Recorded on Youth Conference CD 2011)
In my mind, in my life, I’ve got so many choices, Of what to do and not to
So I walk the line, so defined, by the Holy Voices, Or at least I want to try to
With temptations all around, in this town, I can’t deny
Wicked lifestyles lived carelessly, I know inside, I must loose my pride
For I’m an example for all to see
But then sin lies dead ahead, No hesitation to avoid it
But what I’d like to do instead, Is drown that Old Man who employs it
Cause I keep falling back to this same place
And I know too well I can’t be here,
When I fall flat on my face
Lord please forgive me for what I’ve done
And give me the strength to carry on
And keep me from falling... back here
Written by Neal Radichel (copyright 8.2.2006)
Words based on Proverbs 26:11

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